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Quantifying Urban Forest - Tree/ Soil Health and Function and Embracing Community Engagement Citizen Science.


Understanding Tree Health and Soil Health can go far beyond the: “I Think It looks Healthy or Ok”? What does that actually mean? Is there any repeatable measure’s that can be used to determine tree health?
Project Summary –
Urban Forestry is recognised as an essential component to future cities by reducing the impacts of climate change, increasing the livability of urban sectors throughout the globe and offering a low-cost approach to sequestering atmospheric CO2 through tree and soil function. However, only healthy trees growing in healthy soil conditions provide the benefits promoted. Determining a healthy tree is currently a subjective exercise based on human prescription of Arboricultural Visual Tree Assessments.
This project seeks to develop a more detailed assessment tool which includes quantifiable measures of individual trees, capable of providing real-time feedback of both tree canopy and soil health. Furthermore, this assessment tool, the Tree Health Calculator, will be built on an open data platform where it will be publicly available to the global community of residents through to professional Arborists to contribute to, visualize, analyze and share and build onto a tool that will be utilized by future generations to effectively manage the environment within quantifiable, holistic, rules and principals.

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