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Plant Health Care treatment incorporates understanding the plant-soil relationship holistically to achieve optimum function and health. Just like healthy people, healthy plants depend on their immediate environment being at its best.

Global Urban Forest – 100% organic Plant Health Care

How does G.U.F’s Plant Health Care (PHC) work?

Plant Health Care treatment incorporates understanding the plant-soil relationship holistically to achieve optimum function and health. Just like healthy people, healthy plants depend on their immediate environment being at its best to be able to enjoy a fruitful life. Unlike people, plants cannot move if the conditions aren’t ideal, so rely on us or the natural ecosystem to ensure the best conditions are maintained in and around the plant and surrounding soil.

What is G.U.F’s Plant Health Care system?

PHC is a thorough process of assessing/diagnosing (using our unique Tree Health Calculator 1.0) the historic and current soil and plant conditions so that a complete prognosis can be made. Just like when attending your doctor’s clinic, it is about gathering all the relevant information and data so a planned health program can be made for at least the next 2-3 years – or more. This includes sometimes several options of rehabilitation using our exclusive bioremediation techniques.

Why consider using G.U.F’s Plant Health Care methods?

Even though most initial concern is due to obvious signs of plant ill-health, it is usually an accumulation of a series of problems over time that finally prompts action – hopefully before it is too late. At G.U.F we delve into why these symptoms exist, treating them on the spot where possible but most importantly we begin to address those often-hidden causatives using our valuable and proven PHC methods. This is not unlike consulting your doctor as treatment for your headache with a painkiller is taken, while at the same time finding out what caused the headache and dealing with it on a preventative program basis.

What makes Global Urban Forest unique?

G.U.F uses its specially researched and designed Tree Health Calculator 1.0. This is a proven holistic method of compiling critical soil and plant composite data so that custom organic PHC programs can be written and put into place as we prepare to return health and function – naturally. Within this framework, we methodically help you plan and care for your important plants and gardens using a chemical free program – from the ground up.  G.U.F recognises that sometimes soil and plant conditions change due to extreme weather events (heatwaves, drought, prolonged rain, cold snaps) or with new data/information surfacing which requires flexibility in delivery.  A review of the program is undertaken if indicators are sufficiently different to warrant changing the original PHC plan.

What can G.U.F’s Plant Health Care Program include?

  • Tree Health Calculator 1.0 –  provides data specific to the tree being investigated. It is a Plant Health scorecard set to prioritise tree response plans based on critical health risk criteria used to establish thorough broad baselines and reference points in plant and soil health and function
  • On site evaluation and Plant Health Care program development.
  • On ground biological plant and soil applications
  • Organic liquid soil treatments of biologicals and/or nutrients
  • Vascular Stem Injection for acute pest and disease management in trees
  • Soil de-compaction works, including Deep Root Soil Injection
  • Tree Root Zone mulching
  • Arboricultural remedial and formative pruning
  • Independant laboratory soil assessments
  • Arboricultural consultancy
  • Visual Tree Assessment
  • Visual Soil Assessment
  • Standard industry equipment plus specialist measuring gear

How does G.U.F’s Plant Health Care program work?

  • A Plant Health Care specialist with Arboricultural expertise inspects property.
  • Landscape liabilities and assets are evaluated.
  • Plant vigour is assessed and possible causatives identified.
  • Proper organic nutrition is determined using both on-site indicators and soil testing (where appropriate).
  • Soil conditions, including biology, compaction, residual toxins and organic matter levels, are noted.
  • For high value trees, a treatment plan is developed using our unique Tree Health Calculator 1.0
  • G.U.F’s approach embraces all life forms and their effects in the task environment – microorganisms, worms, bees, beneficial insects, birds, plants, trees, pets, wildlife and people.
  • The surrounding infrastructure and its use are also evaluated under our Plant Health Care program requirements.

Once the program is created G.U.F will visit the site and perform:

  • Actively Aerated Compost Tea (AACT) applied by foliar, deep root injection and drenches.
  • Mycorrhizal inoculation as required for the specific plant types.
  • Microbe food soil injection and drenches.
  • Decompaction of soils using Deep Root Soil Injection (DRSI), radial trenching or coring.
  • Vascular stem injection of insecticides, fungicides and nutrients for trees in critical condition.
  • Holistic organic systems approach – not singular “silver bullet”.
  • Assess plant health conditions using Tree Health Calculator 1.0
  • Determine baselines of soil: biology (soil biology network), chemistry and physical structure.
  • Correct the levels and balances of soil biology, chemistry and physical structure using a suite of naturally compatible holistic techniques.
  • Monitor and proactively respond to changes in soil, tree and climatic changes to build soil and plant health and growing system resilience.

Microbial Stimulants

Microbial Stimulants is a special blend of natural organic materials comprising concentrated humus, enzymes, organic acids, bacteria, growth promotants (auxins, cytokinins, betaines) macro and micro nutrients plus trace elements. It is designed to create optimal growth while augmenting the plants natural resistance to environmental stress, disease and insects. It is also an important microbial food boost after Actively Aerated Compost Tea applications as part of our programs. Microbial Stimulants is the perfect way of continuing the investment in improving soil fertility, growing soil life and creating the ideal place for healthy plants to grow.

Nitrogen Drawdown Buffer

The Nitrogen Drawdown Buffer (NDB) is often used to reduce the impact of fresh woody mulch as it demands any available nitrogen from the mulched plant’s root zone to begin the decomposition process.  The ingredients in this mix also lend themselves to binding excess tannins and turpentines which may impact a struggling tree if the applied mulch is freshly chipped from live trees.

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