Vascular Stem Injection

Vascular Stem Injection (VSI) is an intervention of last resort employed by G.U.F when trees have heavy pest or disease pressure which can defoliate and potentially kill the tree in a short time. This is like giving the tree an intravenous injection in order deal with the pest or disease symptoms while the Organic Plant Health Care (PHC) treatments take effect. G.U.F’s Vascular Stem Injection is an efficient way to apply a systemic chemical treatment in and around the tree trunk using a minimum of formulation that is injected into the vascular system of the tree. Having a residual effect for up to 2 years, this treatment is far superior to canopy spraying where the chemical is dispersed into the tree surrounds and open to the general atmosphere. G.U.F uses a diagnostic matrix to ensure that this treatment is necessary to begin, and then to map out a soil and plant health plan that changes the conditions to more favourably support good health from the soil up. GUF’s Matthew Daniel has been formally trained in Boston USA to use Arborjet equipment used in VSI.

Specialised training and the correct equipment are necessary to successfully conduct Vascular Stem Injection. A ‘feel’ for the uptake of the injection comes with experience. Matthew Daniel demonstrates the precision and sensitivity needed for this important task.

Vascular Stem Injection (VSI) uses special injectable chemicals to relieve symptoms and damage from elm leaf beetle and fungal diseases such as Armillaria and Phytophthora which require rapid and immediate treatment to arrest decline and enhance tree survival. Though not G.U.F’s preferred position, occasionally the health and sustainability of trees in urban situations require the use of these chemical insecticides, fungicides and nutrients to buy time for the softer organic treatments to become effective. This situation inevitably arises when trees and their surrounds are neglected, misdiagnosed or impacted by accumulated environmental stress. If the vascular injection was not performed the highly valuable tree would more likely decline rapidly and die before our Plant Health Care program comprising root zone work, foliar and microbial treatments can take effect. G.U.F only applies these chemical treatments being delivered into the vascular tissue of trees as this technique limits the chemical from being over sprayed into the environment. Over distribution of chemicals into the environment by way of foliar, soil sprays and drenches of insecticides and fungicides often do more surrounding damage than benefits the target plant.

G.U.F Plant Health Care programs can in time remove the insects and increase the tree’s immune system. This makes the tree less susceptible to pests and disease, as it gets stronger and increases sap mineral sugar levels resulting from improved soil microbial interactions with the tree roots. These interactions support optimum soil and plant health through proper transfer of nutrients from the soil and the protective sheath that the microbiology provides on the plant roots and foliage essential for maximum photosynthesis.

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